An over view of the new Shelter. Whats happening, what needs doing and what is holding us up

MCU. The town planner is submitting our plans and when approved will go to council so we can get the material change of use (MCU) for the land to be used as a dog shelter. This has to happen before we invest any large finances into the land

Fencing. We have a a grant that will pay for less than half of the materials for the fencing. We have a quote form orcon and we are waiting for a quote from Bigeng. To reduce prices Russell will be processing the pipe. Bob will be bringing his dingo over to do the holes and we will get small mixer trucks from a local concrete company to do small amounts at a time. we will need help clearing holes, standing posts, fitting stays, running plain wire and security wire. Plus making gates ect 

Power. Application for a property power id has been submitted. This has to be approved by ergon before a transformer can be applied for.We do have the wiring and power box at the shed. These can be mounted and run for power points an lightingThe electrican will check all wiring

Pens. Affordable screens and blinds are giving us prices for materials to do the pens so far we are looking at cool room panels at the bottom with alloy channel and security mesh above. with the night rooms to be full cool room panels and sliding door. The end of the pen to be security mesh. Coolroom panels .security mesh 

Gardening. Barry and Heather are going out each week to tend to the gardens. Local gardening group has been contacted and will bring up helping us at their next meeting. The open area need grazon pellets, slashing and burning

Pathways. There will be concrete pathways around the pens with drainage in between for pen washout 

Car park. Needs gravel, which will can from pave rock and trucked be childers concrete. we need some one to level it