Welcome to Red Collar Rescue, we are a small rescue at Biggenden, Queensland that takes in death row dogs from various locations throughout the region. We microchip, vaccinate, desex and heart-worm test. We are always looking for forever homes for our deserving dogs.

Red Collar Rescue Inc. was established in 2009 and became a registered organisation in late 2010 with the primary aim of providing temporary refuge and eventually new homes for abandoned, abused, unwanted and death row dogs. We are an independent, non-profit, non-government funded, organisation run primarily by Sharyn and Russell Banks.
All dogs coming to Red Collar Rescue are Vet checked, vaccinated, wormed and desexed prior to being made available for sale to the public. Prices range from $200 upwards for dog adoption. The Refuge is managed by an unpaid, elected committee, with all funds coming from fundraising and donations. The Refuge operates from a 160 acre property at Woowoonga, near Biggenden.
Since 2009/10 we have been able to re-home over 3200 dogs that would have otherwise been euthanised. As we live onsite, we are available 7 days a week by appointment, 365 days a year to talk to prospective adopters and welcome visitors. We endeavour to spend as much time as possible with our dogs, this allows us to get a better idea of their nature and how they interact with other animals and each other.
Our aim is to find the right home for the right dog. We can be found at 476 Woowoonga Hall Road, Woowoonga, just off the Isis Highway between Childers and Biggenden.

Red Collar Rescue Playground

Our 160 acre property is a haven of peace and love where displaced dogs and horses can heal emotionally and physically until they are ready to find a new beginning.

Red Collar Rescue is Committed to Educating the Public about De-sexing

Download our poster, print and distribute in whatever capacity you can. Local shopping centres, community meeting places, and public notice boards. Each year in Queensland (and all over Australia) thousands of healthy, family friendly dogs are euthanased in animal shelters and veterinary clinics because they are either unwanted, pregnant or their puppies can’t be re-homed. Don’t let your dog or his/her puppies become another statistic and contribute to the sad loss of life that results from pet over breeding.

If you love me desex me



Good Quality Dry Food

As always, we have some empty bellies to fill and appreciate any and all donations of quality dry food.


Concrete, reo bar and labour

Being able to concrete more floors of our pens will make the dogs much more comfortable when we have wet weather.


A portable building to use as an office

We desperately need a portable building to use as an office, as the rescue’s efforts and capacity has grown, so has the administration and need for room.

ACC NAME - RED COLLAR RESCUE. BSB - 084-544. ACC NO.- 18822 7599