We are a small rescue at Biggenden, Queensland that takes in death row dogs from various locations throughout the region. We microchip, vaccinate, desex and heart-worm test. We are always looking for forever homes for our deserving dogs.


Please support the businesses that support us

We are proud to have the support of the wonderful team at Vet Cross Bundaberg

The staff at Vet Cross have been coming out to the refuge on a regular basis for many months now, and have made our lives easier in a miriad of ways.

From donating much needed items, right through to assisting with day to day chores, they have brought joy to our lives and made the stay for our dogs much more enjoyable. The lovely vet Hannah even opened her heart to one of our dogs and gave him a forever home.

They have now gone a step further and have taken on the task of helping us to perform all the necessary vet work needed to get these dogs back to health and ready to continue on their search for new homes. We thank Andrew, Tim, Anna and the rest of the team and look forward to a long and happy relationship. http://vetcross.com.au/

Ocean Forest Farm - Natural dog food delivered to your door

Jason is a great part of our team. From organising adoption events and doing great work at the refuge to just making delicious healthy dog food.

Ocean Forest Farms commitment to you is to only every deliver food you know and trust that is completely natural and balanced to your dog’s needs. Without any artificial preservatives, colours or fillers. All Ocean Forest Farm’s creations are made with fresh, natural and high quality balanced ingredients. Our food is prepared fresh every week, then snap frozen, and delivered free to your door for your convenience.

Ph. 0498 564 064 . http://www.oceanforestfarm.com.au/   www.facebook.com/oceanforestfarm

The Complete Pet Company - Natural Ethical Products for Healthy Pets

The Complete Pet Company is 100% Australian owned and produces the “Complete Meal”, a nutritious, organic, delicious, raw, frozen dog and cat food. The Complete Pet Company’s “Complete Meal” provides ethical alternatives for every canine and feline owner without the use of factory farmed meats or preservatives. www.completepet.com.au  For more information please contact us.

Isis Veterinary Services

Jason at Woodgate has provided us with some much needed care for our rescue dogs. We are proud to be associated with Jason and his highly dedicated team.   www.mvol.com.au/isisvet.aspx



Good Quality Dry Food

As always, we have some empty bellies to fill and appreciate any and all donations of quality dry food.

Concrete, reo bar and labour

Being able to concrete more floors of our pens will make the dogs much more comfortable when we have wet weather.

A portable building to use as an office

We desperately need a portable building to use as an office, as the rescue’s efforts and capacity has grown, so has the administration and need for room.

Red Collar Rescue is Committed to Educating the Public about De-sexing

Download our flyer, print and distribute in whatever capacity you can. Local shopping centres, community meeting places, and public notice boards. Each year in Queensland (and all over Australia) thousands of healthy, family friendly dogs are euthanased in animal shelters and veterinary clinics because they are either unwanted, pregnant or their puppies can’t be re-homed. Don’t let your dog or his/her puppies become another statistic and contribute to the sad loss of life that results from pet over breeding.

Download our full page colour flyer here and let other’s know.

If you love me desex me

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