We are a small rescue at Biggenden, Queensland that takes in death row dogs from various locations throughout the region. We microchip, vaccinate, desex and heart-worm test. We are always looking for forever homes for our deserving dogs.

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How to Adopt A Red Collar Rescue Dog

If you think that one of the dogs shown here might be the new member to your family, please feel free to call us for a chat, or to fill out an adoption application on the contact page and email it to us. We do ask a lot of questions, but it is important to us to make sure that our dogs go to the home that is going to suit them best. All adoptions take place with the understanding that the dogs can be returned with in the first 4 weeks if there are any problems. A full refund will be given within the first 2 weeks, 80% in the 2 weeks thereafter.

It is required that if at any time you decide that you can no longer keep or care for the dog, that it be returned to Red Collar Rescue Inc. We do our best to assess each of our dogs for temperament, but offer no guarantees as each dog will react differently in extreme circumstances. We give full disclosure regarding any habits and characteristics that we are aware of, it is not in our interest to have dogs go to homes where they won't be happy or valued.

All our dogs available for adoption are desexed, wormed, vaccinated (either C3 or C5), chipped and started on heartworm prevention (either vaccination or monthly chews).

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OUR BANKING DETAILS ARE: NAB 084-544 Acc. 18822 7599. All donations gratefully accepted.